Our Impact

  • Schools Built:

    • 18 TOTAL
    • 17 Middle Schools
    • 1 Elementary School

    Current Enrollment:

    • 3,301 STUDENTS TOTAL
    • 7th grade - 1,253 students
    • 8th grade - 1005 students
    • 9th grade - 1043 students

    Total number of children impacted since we started:

    10,831 STUDENTS

News and Updates

  • Student Spot: Djenebou is Driven
    Student Spot: Djenebou is Driven Djenebou is in 9th grade at Mali Rising's Little Heroes Academy II Middle School. She says, "I managed to be first of my class because of my courage, love of studies, and the support of my parents because they let me learn my lessons without charging me with the household chores. My parents are a little bit educated (and) this…
  • Gift Ideas: Denik Notebooks
    Gift Ideas: Denik Notebooks From Josh Loftin, Mali Rising Foundation Board Member With Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, many will be scrambling for suitable sentimental and also useful gifts. While flowers, ties, and books are always nice, allow us to recommend another item: notebooks. There's a lot of options, from utilitarian planners to leather-bound journals. But our favorites come from the Logan, Utah-based…
  • Clean Hands, Healthy Students
    Clean Hands, Healthy Students How does soap help a child graduate middle school? Studies show that regular hand washing with soap can reduce the incidence of diarrheal diseases by as much as 50 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Reduced illness means reduced school absenteeism, which means our students are in school learning and growing rather than falling behind. With funds donated by our generous supporters…
  • Student Spot: Awa Dreams of Becoming a Teacher
    Student Spot: Awa Dreams of Becoming a Teacher Awa is in the 6th grade in Mali Rising's Denik School in Zambougou. Reading is her favorite subject, and diction is her least favorite. At home, Awa's favorite thing to do is to help her mother collect shea nuts and turn them into oil to sell. Maybe this is an attractive outing in part because Awa has 6 brothers and…
  • Student Spot: Mama & Keeping Girls in School
    Student Spot: Mama & Keeping Girls in School Mama is a 9th grade student in the Little Heroes Academy I Mali Rising school. Mama illustrates an all-to-common challenge when it comes to helping girls stay in school in Mali. Mama says: "When I passed in 7th grade my father wanted to marry me to a poor old man in another village far from our village. Thanks to Mali…
  • Donor Grants School in Honor of Volunteer
    Donor Grants School in Honor of Volunteer Don't you always wish the universe would reward the outstanding people you know? That somehow the universe would acknowledge the incredible volunteers, leaders, and the behind-the-scenes supporters? Well the universe did. Through The Sunlight Giving Fund, an anonymous donor generously contributed $55,000 to Mali Rising Foundation to build a school in honor of our board's Vice Chair, Jill Miller. Jill…

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